Easy Search Chrome Extension:

Simply, change your address bar’s default search engine.
This extension lets you switch between the search engines from the extension popup directly. Choose between Bing and Yahoo from this extension and switch with a click.

Type anything in the address bar and you get search results offered by Easy search.

About the Developers:

Installetize is a trusted, ethical company that develops modern products for online users across different platforms like mobile, Windows, Mac and many more.
Our expertise lies in creating solutions such as privacy services, browsers and search engines.

We excel and try harder everyday for providing hassle-free experience to millions of users on the internet, giving them the tools and technologies to find out the content they need.

Installetize is a pioneer in the field of Internet marketing, advertisements and software monetization for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Currently we have a team of 20+ members who develop and test the technologies for betterment of the Internet world.

You can reach us at:

519, Sector 7, Gurgaon